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Are UFOs Real And In Contact With Us ?

Governments Still Deny Their Existence


Is there other forms of life somewhere in the immensity of the universe? Among hundreds of thousands of galaxies and millions of stars scattered at the four corners of the cosmos, how could there not be at least one extraterrestrial civilization? UFOs would visit Earth since time immemorial. Earliest evidences of UFO sightings are very ancient and found on Roman scrolls, on old Indian manuscripts and even on Egyptian signs dating all the way back to the time of Thutmose III (around 1450 BC) and deciphered by Donald Long in the Tulli Papyrus.

Some ufologists are convinced that governments and world's great powers are concealing a vast plot to deny the existence of extraterrestrials. UFO witnesses would be systematically discredited and evidences would be obscured or sometimes even destroyed by the US military and the secret services. The demarcation line between fiction, reality and masquarade is very difficult to draw.

First UFO sightings in Washington

UFO Kenneth Arnold

Modern ufology takes root with the sightings of an American pilot, Kenneth Arnold, who reportedly saw no less than nine UFOs flying in formation in June 1947 over Mount Rainier, not far from the US state of Washington. Arnold's descriptions mention metal objects similar to upside down saucers. From then on, people start talking about UFOs, flying saucers and aliens. The media, which ignites the case, generate a monster interest for UFOs and sightings become epidemic.


History of UFO sightings

Sightings and testimonies multiply as count is lost ; there are reportedly more than 800 UFO-related events listed just in the year 1947. Shortly after Kenneth Arnold's sighting, two Australians flying toward New Zealand notice five strange lights moving under their small aircraft. And then in 1981, a French farmer claims to have seen a flying saucer of greyish color appearing from the sky before landing in his field. SEPRA agents dispatched to the scene wrote in their reports that the field in question had abnormally low amounts of zinc and phosphates and that everything around seemed to have been decimated by intense heat.

Interest for UFOs is such that the most passionate go as far as forming ufologist groups so as to gather evidence of plots and invasions. Extraterrestrials would secretly study humanity in order to discreetly infiltrate Earth through kidnappings. Some would even be chosen by extraterrestrials who would come into contact with them through physical or mediumistic means; these are the contactees.

Project Blue Book

Project Blue Book

Beginning to take interest in the growing UFO phenomena, the US Air Force set up a project in 1952 in order to demystify the matter as well as collect the various sighting testimonies. Thus is born Project Blue Book which during its twenty years of operations will collect more than 12,000 descriptions of UFO sightings. The agency in charge of Project Blue Book issued the controversial conclusion that only 6% of all UFO sightings could not be explained rationally. Ufologists quickly accused the US Air Force of concealing a large amount of evidence in order to hide the existence of extraterrestrials.


Annals of Project Blue Book, thoroughly excavated by seasoned researchers, revealed evidence of UFO sightings dating from the early nineteenth century and early twentieth century. A witness would have seen an unusual device flying over Baton Rouge in Louisiana around year 1800. In his 1919 Book of the Damned, Charles H. Fort mentions mysterious gleams emanating from the sky.

Contactee George Adamski

George Adamski

George Adamski is the most famous case of extraterrestrial contactee. According to him, extraterrestrials from Mars and Venus would have kidnapped him and brought him aboard a flying saucer orbiting the Earth. Adamski asserts in his four popular ufologist books that extraterrestrials are peaceful beings endowed with great knowledge and that they only communicate through telepathy. Also according to his sayings, men would be a direct descendant of extraterrestrials.

Other famous contactees

UFO Carlos Diaz

Another famous case of contactee is that of journalist Carlos Diaz, a Mexican who firmly believes that the universe is populated by extraterrestrial creatures as evidenced by UFO outtings. He also photographed a large number of UFOs during nocturnal escapades and most of his images were authenticated by researchers and government officials.

Where do UFOs come from ?

UFO enthusiasts agree that there are mainly two types of extraterrestrials, the peaceful and benevolent extraterrestrials and those of monstrous evil consciences often portrayed as resembling insects or reptiles. An alien race in particular would come from a very distant galaxy, sport an oblong head, very slender arms and very large eyes. Their primary mission would be to recolonize Earth with a superior race. Other UFOs of human appearances would come from the Alpha Centauri system, the Orion constellation and the Sirius star and would seek to help humanity. A last type of extraterrestrial would manifest itself only in the form of very intense light rays and would embody peace and love.