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The Conspiracy Theory


The Source Of The Arcanes


The Kabbalah is part of the esoteric Jewish tradition and is based on the Hebrew Bible. The "book of formation", a true source of mystical doctrines, probably dates from the fifth or seventh century: it gives the definition of the word "sefirot", literally "calculus" or "numeration".

However, it is only from the twelfth century that Kabbalah develops in Provence, as we know it today. Sefirot are described as the means through which God acts on the universe of the created. There are ten, each with a different name, in addition to an eleventh symbol which, in most cases, is not considered a true sefirot. Together, the ten sefirot form the Tree of Life that equals the "Jacob's ladder" evoked by Genesis. On the graphic plane, the Tree of Life is represented by a central trunk called the "Column of Balance", with two lateral branches - one on the right, the other on the left - named respectively "Column of Grace "And" Column of Severity ". The eleventh symbol represents the gap between God and man. The ten sefirot are interconnected by twenty-two "paths", each associated with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

At the beginning of the fourteenth century, the universe of creation is divided into four distinct worlds: emanation, creation, formation and realization. The first represents the highest level, the closest to God, supported by the only immaterial forces. The other three are progressively more and more material, gradually moving away from the divine figure.

A very complex code

Kabbalah is an esoteric tool as complex as it is complete. The twenty-two trails are associated with other occult symbols - including tarots, zodiac signs and planets - in a tangle of relationships that is not without recalling the contemporary theory of chaos. Moreover, knowing that each letter of the Hebrew alphabet is associated with a number, we can assign a numerical value to each word, by adding the numbers of the letters that form it. Finally, each word can be replaced by another of the same numerical value or, using the letters of a word as initials of other words, we can fit the words into each other, as in a game of Russian dolls. One could almost compare Kabbalah to some sort of extremely complex code. According to the esoteric tradition, beyond their purely literary value, works like the Bible deliver important teachings on the spiritual and human level, using secret codes that allow reading at different levels. The Kabbalah is thus revealed as a book to be read in several degrees: esoteric or ciphered, philosophical and moral, symbolic and finally literary.


The Zohar and the Sefirot

The Zohar, the "Book of Splendors", is a text written in Spain at the beginning of the fourteenth century by Moses of Leon. It deals with names, their divine nature and their esoteric meaning. This is the spirituality book of the Hebrew mystics. We owe its diffusion beyond the Jewish circles to Pic de la Mirandole who translated it into Latin. It can be considered as the basic text of Kabbalah. The names of the sefirot are: Kether (crown), the closest to God; Binah (science or knowledge) and Hochma (wisdom); Gevurah (strength) and Hesed (mercy); Tiferet (beauty); Hod (glory) and Netzah (eternity or victory); Yessod (foundation), and finally Malchut (kingdom), who is also the last and the closest to the man.