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A Site of Legend


While scientists have taken part in the search for Atlantis or Lemuria and Mu, things are different for Avalon, whose descriptions alone prove that it is a site of legend.

Avalon and the other world

Place of residence of the priestesses of Ceridwen, Avalon (also called Avalun or Ynis Avalach, which can be translated as "the island of apples") is, according to the legend of King Arthur, in the Other World. The representation of this place varies greatly from one author to another, it is impossible for us to give a detailed description. However, we can explain that it is a mystical and unreal place, like a dream, but where one can act consciously and from which one can influence reality. In the center of the mythical island stands a mountain whose summit is constantly crowned with mist.

The different sites of this Other World generally have a link with really existing sites. So is Avalon, presumably located in Somerset County, where the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey now stand. According to a legend, this building would be attached to Joseph of Arimathea or one of his parents who brought the Holy Grail of Palestine to England, or more exactly to Wales.

Access to Avalon

Only a narrow circle of people, said the legend, had access to Avalon. In addition to the mistress of the place, Morgan Le Fay, and her eight sisters, one can also mention the inhabitants of the House of the Virgin, the maids and the magician Merlin, which one identifies today to a bard. Apart from these people, only a few elected officials could achieve this.


According to legend, two roads lead to Avalon. The first passes by the sea and requires a boat, which must be invoked at the same time as its crew. The second, known only to the inhabitants of Avalon, passes through the land but is never described with precision - some versions evoke a swamp labyrinth. Legend has it that some men inadvertently took this secret passage.

Avalon is considered a peaceful, healing island where no rain, hail or snow falls. Morgan Le Fay and her sisters are credited with certain powers of healing, and Barinthu led certain wounded men by secret routes for a brief rest. This is almost the case of King Arthur who, wounded to death at the end of his last battle, the Battle of Camlann - some sources say he was already dead - was transported to the island by three priestesses and laid on a bed of gold. No one knows what happened next to him, but the belief continued for a long time that King Arthur - healed or risen from the dead - would one day return to earth. Some even thought they recognized him in the person of the Emperor Frederick I, known as Barberousse (1122-1190).

Given the very imprecise descriptions of the place and the magical powers that one lends it, one can think that this site is only the fruit of the imagination. The island of Avalon is not mentioned in all versions of the legend of King Arthur.