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Adolf Hitler

The Mysteries of the Third Reich


Between 1933 and 1945, Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany came to power and his totalitarian dictatorship was responsible for the outbreak of the Second World War and the most serious crimes against humanity ever committed. Nearly 3,000,000 Jews were killed in gas chambers of the Nazi concentration camps and at its peak, the Third Reich almost dominates Europe as a whole. Judged at the Nuremberg trial for war crimes, instigators of the mutiny would have been greatly influenced by occult movements of secret societies of the time. At the end of the Second World War, Germany and Europe are left in a state of total devastation.

Ideologies of Adolf Hitler

Parade Hitler

The ideas advocated by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi political party, the National Socialist German Workers (NSDAP), are those of Pan-Germanism, a movement aimed at the political and economic unification of German countries, and Aryanism, the belief in the superiority of the Aryan race, a pure breed of athletic blue-eyed blond. According to Nazism, humanity is divided into several races with Aryans at the top of the hierarchy. Therefore, the persecution and genocide of lower races such as Jews and Gypsies and the killing of homosexuals and disabled people is completely justifiable.

Thule secret society

The Thule group and the origin of the Aryan race

Led by freemason and superstitious theosophist Sebottendorf, the Thule group is a German secret society founded in 1912, whose occult and racist influence on the heads of the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler remains highly controversial and mysterious. Among the Thule Society are several characters closely associated with the Third Reich: Dietrich Eckart, Alfred Rosenberg, Karl Haushofer and more particularly Rudolf Hess, Hitler's political assistant, who served as the Führer inspiration while drafting his manifesto, the Mein Kampf, written during his stay in prison after the Beer Hall Putsch.

The name of the secret society comes from a legendary northern European mythical land that, like Atlantis, would have been engulfed by the fury of the ocean. Surrounded by resplendent icy mountains, the plains of Ultima Thule would have been home to the superior race and the few survivors of annihilation would have given birth to the Aryan race.


The Swastika, emblem of evil

Derived from the regular Swastika, a universal symbol particularly present in Buddhist religion, and borrowed from the Thule group, the Swastika is the emblem of the Nazis and of the political party of Adolf Hitler. It appears on all flags and represents the Aryan race. In Mein Kampf, Hitler argues that white is associated with nationalism while red is associated with socialism.

Rudolf Hess

A superstitious Führer

Hitler and his close deputy, the Nazi leader Rudolf Hess, were both apparently very superstitious. The attraction of clairvoyance and dark magic drives him to seek the guidance of astral advisers, like that of a dark wizard named Eric Jan Hanussen who offers astrological consultations to the Führer in exchange for large sums of money, and Hitler deports all those who announce him bad omen.

The end of an empire

Bunker Hitler

Trapped by the unceasing bombing of the Russian army on Berlin, the capital of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler and his general staff take refuge in the antiaircraft bunker built at depths of six meters directly under the Chancellery. There, seeing his army decimated and feeling defeated, the Führer deliberately decided to put an end to his days and those of his wife, Eva Braun, so that his body would not be exposed to the enemy. On April 30, 1945, after writing his wills and bidding farewell to the last supporters of his Nazi regime, Hitler retired to a room where he poisoned his companion before shooting himself in the head.


Both bodies are then slowly cremated in the nearby garden. A few hours later, Russians take possession of the bunker but find neither the corpse, nor the ashes or the bones of the Führer who obviously had not had time to completely burn.

SS - Schutzstaffel

Where are the ashes of the Führer?

Some nostalgic Nazis claim that Adolf Hitler would not have committed suicide but rather fled aboard a submarine before disappearing into the wild. But according to Otto Günsche, Hitler's last SS aide and responsible for cremating the bodies, the ashes were reportedly taken outside the Chancellery. What then happened to the remains of the Führer remains a mystery that will never be solved.