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The Legend of Sasquatch


Historically, in the United States and Canada, in the Rocky Mountains, there are many stories of big footed creatures, large in size and covered with abundant pelago. Are they human apes, humanoid monkeys or, as some seek to advance, extraterrestrials?

Bigfoot - missing creature or legend?

Like the Yeti, cryptozoologists hold the bigfoot, or sasquatch ("hairy man") in Indian, for a survival of the gigantopithecus. Zoologists take it for a legend. However, bigfoot hunting attracts more and more people, whether they are scientists or amateurs.

In 1818, an article mentions the discovery of bigfoot. Since then, observations of the creature have multiplied. Descriptions are consistent: the bigfoot can reach 2.5 meters high and is covered with thick brown fur. Its red and piercing eyes are very close together and are capable of plunging humans into a trance. Its massive head rests directly on its shoulders, it moans impressively and emits a stench of dirt and mold.


The DNA of a monkey man

Regularly, bigfoot footprints are discovered, then declared false. Cryptozoologists say that real tracks are easily distinguishable from fake ones. According to them, the displacement of the weight that accompanies the walk of a living being and the irregular depths of the resulting traces can not be imitated in a credible way by means of models in wood or plastic.

To fingerprints of this "man-ape" are added samples of faeces and hair, which do not lead to any results. However, investigations have found that collected DNA is similar to that of a monkey man. Often, a bigfoot specimen turns out to be a grizzly bear, as these animals sometimes stand on their hind legs and their body structure resembles that of a man.

Fire on the ghost

There are sound and video recordings of bigfoots. But, as oftentimes, each party camps on its positions. Thus, cryptozoologists consider authentic Patterson and Gimlin's 1967 film, claiming that the video shows a female crossing a river. Skeptics, on the other hand, among whom Heuvelmans, consider this film a trick. A careful study of the images, however, reveals a muscle tear on the right leg of the animal, under the fur. For fans of authenticity, such a sense of detail would be unthinkable when shooting a movie.

The author Roland Horn titles his chapter on the bigfoot "Fire on the ghost". He notes that it is interesting to mention that almost everyone who saw the creature had a firearm and shot at it, although it was not threatening. It is also remarkable that no dead bigfoot could be recovered, while in some cases whole mags were emptied on the animal. In these situations, either the body fell into a pit and could not be brought back, either the bullets had no effect on the creature ... or it seems that it evaporated in thin air.


Bigfoot and UFOs

New theories link the appearance of UFOs with bigfoot manifestations. They are indeed concomitant. The question is not only whether the bigfoot is a man or an animal. We reach here extraterrestrial domain, because it is evoked in a holographic context. Indeed, the proponents of this theory claim that this technique is the only solution to explain its sudden appearance and disappearance, as well as its insensitivity to bullets.

The Gigantopithecus

This is a form of primate from southern China and northern India. The gigantopithecus was described in 1935, from isolated teeth, found in a Chinese pharmacy. Since 1956, four large lower jaws have been discovered. Scientists estimate that the gigantopithecus lived between 12 million years and 500,000 years ago.