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Power of Levitation

A Form of Psychokinesis ?


A person or heavy object rises and floats in the air. This phenomenon is considered by the Catholic Church as an almost usual charisma, attributed to all saints. Thus Saint Joseph of Cupertino was famous for his levitation. What is the concentration of energy necessary for a body to be able to rise above the ground by the mere force of the mind?

Water can levitate

In the form of ice, water is in a solid state. By rising its temperature and vibration, the ice melts and becomes liquid. While less tangible than ice, it remains palpable. As the heat increases, the water turns into vapor, volatile and elusive, barely visible. Each time it is the same water, but in three different states: solid, liquid, gas. When the maximum vibration is reached, therefore in the form of vapor, it can be transported by air. Once cooled, it then appears in another place, again in its liquid or solid form. Water therefore has the capacity to float, to move, to travel. More than a simple example of levitation, this description also applies to the case of bilocation.

The dream of flying

In parapsychology, levitation is considered a form of psychokinesis: it is the ability that some people have to rise above the ground, without any outside help. All civilizations have their accounts dealing with such phenomena. The Bible evokes Jesus rising and walking on the waters, so levitation is considered by the Catholic Church as a sign of holiness. More than two hundred and thirty saints are credited with this faculty. Some of them mention it in their autobiography, like Saint Teresa of Avila. We must not lose sight of the fact that flying remains a dreamlike subject, the greatest dream of humanity.

Yogic flight, technique of transcendental meditation

In the field of esotericism, yogic flight is a technique of transcendental meditation (TM). In the first phase, the meditators jump and, in the second, they fly. Pictures show people in meditation position, without any contact with the ground. The Sidhi phenomenon, as we call this phenomenon of transcendental meditation, would lead, according to the followers of this technique, to an improvement of the body-mind harmony.

Studies have shown the beneficial effects of transcendental meditation on the mind, body, behavior and the environment. Proponents of this technique claim that a group of a thousand people practicing yogic flight together are able to modify collective consciousness enough to increase cohesion, harmony and positive thinking, while reducing stress, violence and social tensions. These claims are even supported by statistics: crime reduction by 20%, traffic accidents by 25% and the unemployment rate by 35%.

Fly out the window

In the middle of the XIXth century, the American Daniel Douglas Home (1833-1866) aroused attention in European circles by his ability to fly. Personalities such as Mark Twain, John Ruskin or William Crookes, president of the Royal Society, witnessed his demonstrations. In the Quaterly Journal of Science, he expresses his inner rupture, torn between what he saw and felt with his hands and his unshakable certainty that man cannot fly. But he also writes that he saw with his own eyes, in London, Home leaving his house by flying through a window on the third floor, then entering through another.