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An Urban Legend ?


The myth of the Illuminati is an urban legend of a global oligarchy. These enlightened elites of modern society and of the higher world would be mutant beings resembling fallen angels sporting reptilian or even extraterrestrial characteristics. The Illuminati would masquerade behind a human appearance and their ultimate goal would be to overthrow Christianity in order to establish a totalitarian government, the New World Order. They are mainly revealed in the Book of Enoch, a biblical apocryphal which presents the Illuminati as being God's profane sons prone to the pleasures of the pulpit and harmful to humanity. At the heart of the Illuminatism movement is a bewildering mix of Freemasonry, anti-Semitic and cathophobic beliefs, occultism and secretism.

Adam Weishaupt

The Illuminati : A secret society

Founded in 1776 by a Bavarian theosophist professor named Adam Weishaupt and four other men in an Ingolstadt forest, the Order of the Illuminati would've primarily been a new philosophy freed from the constraints imposed by mainstream Christianity and extolling social virtues, freedom of thought and moral equality. The members of the Illuminati aimed to reach and control the highest spheres of society and power, and only men with a strong reputation and influence could aspire to join their ranks. According to some secret documents seized by Bavarian authorities while dismantling the sect, in order to be admitted to the Illuminati or to climb the ladder, the prospects had to demonstrate their level of education as well as identify their enemies and their weaknesses during initiation rites. Members who saw themselves accepted also had to plead allegiance to the Order and sacrifice all their personal interests.

Minerval Illuminati

In the following years, a large number of influential personalities in Bavarian society joined the Order of the Illuminati, which then included among their members doctors, politicians, lawyers, intellectuals and even the elite of the nobility. All followers of Adam Weishaupt's sect received a secret name from ancient mythology in order to hide their true identity. Weishaupt, for example, gave himself the nickname Spartacus, responsible for a great rebellion against the Roman Empire, in reference to his dissatisfaction with Christian dogma and his desire for reform and higher enlightenment. The Order of the Illuminati was initially divided into a simple hierarchy whose highest grade was illuminated minerval, in tribute to the wisdom of the Roman deity Minerva. But over the years and the growing number of followers, the system was changed and divided into 13 ranks, the highest being that of King. At their peak, it is estimated that the Illuminati had nearly 3,000 members on their lists and enjoyed considerable influence over Bavarian society.

Legend of Illuminati

The beginning of an urban legend

Internal conflicts and public revelation of the Illuminati Order by a frustrated former member (Joseph Utzschneider) would have sounded the end of Adam Weishaupt's sect. In a manuscript sent to the Grand Duchess of Bavaria, Utzschneider reveals the existence of the Illuminati as well as their hatred of the Catholic religion and their propensity to simply eliminate their enemies which could go as far as murder. Joseph Utzschneider is also said to have sweated the idea that the Illuminati conspired against Bavaria which would have pushed the Duke to establish a law completely prohibiting the creation of secret societies and banishing the Order. In 1785, all alleged members of the Order of the Illuminati were put under arrest and many documents exposing the entrails of the sect seized. They were accused of conspiracy and threatened to be put to death if they continued their activities. The story of Weishaupt sect gave birth to an urban legend of global oligarchy that has only grown in the last two centuries to the point that it has become difficult to distinguish myth from reality. Is a secret organization like the Illuminati behind the highest levels of power?